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150% Welcome Bonus
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Get up to:
150% Bonus
Up to first MYR 800

Bet Radar Overview

Bet Radar is the globe’s best betting solution. It offers players a chance of betting on over fifty types of sports, eSports, and virtual sports. If you are aiming to attract gamblers that like betting on football, Call of Duty, Greyhound racing, tennis, or on 500 extra types of odds, then you should choose Bet Radar.

This company is a popular betting solution that offers a special multi-functional website for casinos online and bookies. At first, this company was developed to evaluate bookies on behalf of another company. Match-fixing was identified through tracking the bookie’s quotations that had abnormally high amplitudes.

Bet Radar offers online betting in over fifty types of sports including horse racing, basketball, tennis, football, and so on. Every month, players are provided with over 600 types of odds and 25,000 sporting events.

Bet Radar History

Bet Radar was developed by Petter Fornaess, Tore Steinkjer and Carsten Koerl in 2001. In the year 2002, the company signed a contract with ISE to found a platform for results and schedules. By the year 2004, the company had eighteen state lottery contracts.

Bet radar is a company of Sportradar AG, a multinational sports betting firm, which was established by Carsten Koerl, who is the company’s CEO. EQT Partners, a private equity company invested in the company in 2012 though Koerl and other partners remained as directors. After the investment, the annual sales of this company increased up to $300 million every year.

Bet Radar Software

If you are shopping for a sports betting company for your casino online, Bet Radar betting software is the best choice for you. With this software, you will be able to provide your players with multiple live matches and more than twenty sports as well as deep analysis, anytime you want.

Even though this company doesn’t feature the biggest portfolio for different sporting events, the number of leagues and matches they offer covers that loss. Your players will also get a chance of betting on the popular matches in basketball, football matches, and other sporting events as well as less popular sports and get the best odds. Greyhound racing and horse racing are also offered by this software company because there are tens of thousands of people across the globe that love to bet on those 2 sports.

Apart from traditional sports, this software developer also provides esports betting and other games. Because new games become popular each year, which appeals to millions of bettors from across the globe, Bet Radar always expands its esports offering. The latest releases including Apex Legends may show up on their sire in a very short time if the players and companies begin arranging licensed tournaments.

Why Choose Bet Radar

Users of Bet Radar receives crucial details concerning events such as;

  • Comments on the live matches
  • Quotes
  • Competitor benchmarking
  • Stats

The success of any particular betting company is greatly based on its capability to get and respond to new comments. The software of Bet Radar remarkably facilitates bookmaking actions, which helps to avoid greater mistakes. Thousands of sporting events, which bettors can bet on taking place every day. To keep records of all these actions, sportsbooks need financial investments as well as other resources. Bet Radar fully automates that process, helping many companies to succeed in a highly competitive environment. This way, companies don’t require wasting a lot of time on tracking stats and results of the matches manually.

The software of Bet Radar can be used for several business purposes including as a tool for big companies, which conducts major operations online daily as well as small bookie companies. Also, Bet Radar software can be utilized by the players that place bets regularly. But, this happens seldom because the software’s price is very high and doesn’t pay off; so, ordinary players always find it hard to buy this program.

Bet radar’s Capabilities

The company partners with over 200 major bookies from across the globe. So, spotting a fixed event through tracking the flow of high bets is very simple. Bet Radar offers its customers enough information that they can use for conducting a thorough evaluation of all bets flow.

Bet radar Virtual Sports

Besides being a bookie, Bet Radar also provides top-notch virtual sports including HD graphics. As of now, players can be able to bet on 5 types of virtual sports including;

  • Greyhound racing
  • Horse racing basketball
  • Tennis
  • Football

Bet Radar developers upgrade the program regularly, continually delighting its customers with useful tricks. The full variant of this program is offered in 26 different languages and is used widely in several countries across the globe.

Bet radar Esports Betting

Together with the biggest esports firm ESL; this created a different line of esports that currently manages all the major events associated with esports.

Bet radar API

The Bet radar API assists developers to combine the products of Bet Radar seamlessly into the prevailing bookie or software. This API is a very cost-friendly tool that can be used to implement many site features into one strong structure with no high expenses as well as operational costs. With regards to the game content, the API offers a top-notch, reliable, and robust package of important solutions that are about to be put in place very soon. Bet radar’s API features include;

  • Access to several real-time comments such as hockey, basketball, soccer, and a wide of other local and international sporting events.
  • Detailed stats on all minor aspects of the game including Player rankings, Standings, League Leaders, and Seasonal stats.
  • Customizable live streaming on all sites including desktop and mobile sports betting
  • Incredible betting stimulation tools to help players remain for a longer time on the esports platform and increase their profits.

The best thing is that this company also provides several 3rd party integrations, which are bound to keeping the customers excited and entertained all the time. The betting provider also utilizes a top-notch security protocol to make sure that player’s sensitive data is protected and can’t be accessed by hackers or fraudsters. Also, all their games are safe to play as the company is licensed by the UKGC, a popular licensor in the world of online gaming.