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Get up to:
150% Welcome Bonus
Up to MYR 800
Up to 200 Free Spins valued at $0.30 each on Book.

Get up to:
150% Bonus
Up to first MYR 800

Get up to:
100% Welcome Bonus
Max amount based on games
1 Free Spin credited for every $1 deposit. Up to 50 Free Spins valued at $0.10 each on Book.

Fishing God Overview

Attack the aggressive sea creature featured in Fishing God created by Spade Gaming. Find the hidden treasures in Fishing God as you wager for the amazing rewards sunken inside. This incredible game has some great features that will help you win some great rewards. Fishing God can be classified as an Arcade game and features, unique symbols, multiplayer settings as well as exciting gameplay that will keep you entertained as you wait to land your winnings. Therefore, prepare to uncover the sunken treasures just pressing the fire button.

This game was launched back in the year 2007 and is licensed by Malta Gaming Authority or MGA. So, you can expect to enjoy a high-quality game with no glitches or hitches. The game is also created on HTML5 technology, which means that players can also enjoy this game on their mobile devices. This game has also been verified by iTech Labs. So, this game is fair and has met all the requirements. This game is also available as video slots only. When playing this game, you should only expect to find the bonus feature alone, as all other features are absent. This game is also created by a renowned software company known as spade gaming. The best thing is that new players can try out this game in demo mode. Therefore, make sure you read the whole of our review to learn more about this incredible game and remain entertained as you enjoy an adventure in deep waters.

Graphics And Theme

Spade Gaming is a software company that has always made sure that lovers of their games enjoy the best gameplay experience and this can be seen clearly in Fishing War. As we have said above, this game can be classified as an Arcade having special gameplay where players are required to gun down several sea creatures for them to win some rewards. The fishing war is placed in deep waters and features many animations and you will see clearly as the fish swim around the pool. It comes with great color combinations that make the game fun and exciting to play. The game’s command bar is placed across the left side of the screen and underneath the canons. Also, it comes with a soundtrack to make sure that you remain entertained throughout the game. The graphics of this game are of high quality ensuring that players don’t encounter any issues while loading the game. The best thing with this spade gaming game is that players don’t require downloading any software for them to play the game without any difficulties. If you are looking for a low or medium variant game, then you should search no more than the Fishing War. This game rewards players with frequent payouts between spins though you will need to be very patient to huge winnings. Last but not least in this section is to inform you that this game is suitable for all types of players. In simple words, you don’t have to have skills for you to play this game because it’s very simple to learn.


Before you load the game, you will encounter here different levels that will leave you confused. Players are needed to pick between godlike, expert, and junior. The junior level features a betting level ranging from 0.1 to 5. On the other hand, the godlike level also features a betting level between one and ten. After picking the level you like to play with, you will be shifted to the second screen where there are several sea creatures that swim around across the screen. Sometimes, you will see big sea creatures on the screen like dragons and whales that reward you with several payouts. However, before you shoot down the sea creatures you will require to change your desired bet utilizing the buttons offered on the screen underneath the canons. After adjusting your stake, you will find a command bar featured on the sides of the screen. Once you are done doing that, you will see lightning, double and auto buttons that help the players control the canons.


In the Fishing War game, there are no paylines because this is an arcade game. Instead of the paylines, the game features a cannon that helps the players to land some great winnings. But, players are also required to shoot only the special fish for them to get their winnings. When playing this game, always make sure to check out the Dragon King feature because it’s among the best features in this game. If you manage to shoot down this special symbol you will get the best payout ranging from ten times to 300 times your bet. We have reviewed many games, but this is the best game with simple to run steps and rewards players with the best payouts. Play it today to have a chance to walk away with the best prizes.


While you will see the incredible base game in the Fishing War, you will also see that there are several bonus features that make the gameplay even more thrilling and exciting to play. The first feature that you will encounter in this game is laser crab that when activated usually rewards a high payout of around 120 times. The laser crab also activates an electromagnet cannon that shoots a variety of bonuses and captures much fish across the straight direction.

Also, you will find a drill crab that rewards players with 120 times their bets. if you manage to catch them, the electricity will be triggered and will strike fishes across the pool randomly. Also, there is the dragon king’s treasure that rewards players with up to 300 times their bet. If the dragon kings show up players work in unison to capture the hidden treasures for them to get the rewards and bonuses. The last 2 features in Fishing God rewards players with rapid-fire cannon that offers huge instant wins. Also, it rewards players with a payout of around 200 times their bet.