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Kuma Gaming Overview

Kuma is a slot game that is endorsed exclusively by the Boyu strategy. The team behind the Boyu strategy was started back in 2010 while the slot game Kuma was established in 2018.

An exclusive team was established by combining the best talents in the industry having the best experience and technical skills. This exclusive team was created for the sake of business enhancement of the gaming platform online and forms the latest trend in the marketplace. The Kuma team likes to be challenged with difficult technical issues and utilizes them as opportunities to grow.

Also, Kuma upholds excellent quality and always puts the customer’s needs first. With consistent professionalism, creativity, coordination, and communication, Kuma always tries its best to make high-quality and special gaming content for its users.

Special Features Of Kuma Slot Games

Although Kuma is a slightly new platform, it has managed to make a good name for itself in the industry and this has made it so popular among players.

The Game Hall of Kuma features a bold-themed game known as AV Slot. Its special features created some heat waves during its launch. To guarantee world-class gaming quality and to offer the best gambling experience to the players, the Kuma platform utilizes famous Japanese AV idols to stand as the main characters for their games. Some of the best features of Kuma games include;

  • Uses HTML5 technology

    This means that all Kuma slots versions can be accessed through a wide range of devices including tablets, mobile phones, and WEB


    this is an elite technology that detects the devices the players are using automatically and offers a high-quality display interface.

  • Intelligent customization process

    This offers players HD game images that provide them with the best gaming experience. Also, this ensures that players experience flawless gameplay without lagging problems, fast processing speed, and minimal capacity usage.

  • Game development

    Kuma utilizes 3D and 2D visuals as well as the best game technology to develop the best slot games that can outstand other titles out there. Kuma also creates games with different cultures that target different marketplaces.

    The elite team of Kuma integrates the latest technology and conducts thorough research to come up with several masterpieces for the players to enjoy.

  • Technical support

    Kuma also developed back and front management systems independently to enhance teamwork efficiency. The company has also been able to combine several products into several devices to make sure that players can get everything they want in one place.

  • Customer service

    Players should expect to access help around the clock online. Kuma offers assistance 24/7 to make sure that all the users enjoy uninterrupted professional help.

    Kuma puts the priorities and demands of the players first, so you can count on instant support. Although the company is relatively new, it hires a team of developers with many years of experience in the industry. Therefore, you can expect to find slot games like those offered by the longest-standing and reputable online casino game developers.

What Makes Kuma Slot Games Different?

Special from other slot games created by other developers, Kuma slots are based on animations as well as live-action actresses. The game is full of HD lovely pictures having some voice effects from the actress’s soundtrack, while the sexy picture helps the players enjoy the gaming session. Below are some of the features that helps Kuma slots stand out;

  • A Wide Range Of Games

    When you visit Kuma for the first time, you don’t require scrolling the whole day through their page looking for popular games. The platform provides the popular games on the first page for ease of access.

  • AV Idols slots

    This is among the most famous games you will find in their gaming portfolio. Players are assured of the best gameplay that is brought about by the awkward posture and sexy AV Japanese actresses. Also, you will realize that different sexy actresses host different Kuma games. Therefore, it’s very rare to get bored while playing their games.

More Features Of Kuma Slot Games

As we said above, Kuma is a special platform and players should count on very sexy moments when they visit their site. Among the most popular features that players should expect to enjoy here includes;

  • Queen

    The slot game is full of sexy images from Aika AV actress. Those images of the actresses feature a ‘boobs shaking system that allows the players to enjoy sensory stimulation when playing. Apart from that, the sexy actresses shake their bodies once the players click on their pictures.

    Once you enter a free game, the shaking frequency of the actress’s boobs also increases. This is also a good way to indicate that a player has won in the game they were playing. If the actresses’ garments get stripped, this signifies that the players have many chances of winning a huge prize.

  • Sex Treatment Room

    When you start playing Kuma slot games with anime themes, you will be treated by a lovely nurse. The anime image comes with a boob shaking system as well as the styling of a real AV actress. As you continue enjoying this game, the sexy images will start bouncing and will take you into a sexy world full of adult content.

Casinos Providing Kuma Slots

Players in Singapore are always asking for online casinos that provide Kuma slots. Well, there are many of them but the most popular is the 96ACE. This casino always gives a listening year to Singapore players and partners with several popular software companies to offer players an ultimate gaming experience from special slot games created by Kuma.

Players can always count on a high-quality gaming experience from these slots games that are hosted by sexy actresses who shakes their boobs vigorously and seductively once a player wins. Also, these slot games are never boring because there is a sex room where players can visit to see any type of adult content they would want to enjoy.