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Pretty Gaming Overview

Pretty gaming is dedicated to offering players the most realistic and high-quality gambling experience with strong marketplace resources, software technology, and world-class streaming. The live games are hosted by Singapore girls that are so friendly and lovely. Also, pretty gaming offers a one-stop solution to meet the demands of different businesses. The company has a development team that entails professional and experienced people that provides all-rounded technical assistance to all partners since integration up to the time of operation.

Pretty Gaming Services

  • API

    Pretty gaming offers high-quality casino games to suit the different needs of players. Also, all the games are compatible with different platforms including desktops and mobile devices. So, it’s upon you to choose the games based on the type of platform you want to use.

  • Online Cs

    All partners can get in touch with pretty gaming’s CS specialists who are very friendly and are always willing to help solve all the existing issues. You can also leave a comment on their site, in case you don’t have an issue so that they can know where they should work on it.

  • Multi-language

    Their games are also available in multiple languages and currencies so that the players can choose the ones that they like so that they can have the best gameplay. Any players across the globe can have access to their games. So, it’s crucial that you chose the language that you understand most.

  • 24/7 support

    The company has a team of experts that are willing to help players with any time of issue at any time of the day or night. Pretty gaming assisted around the clock to ensure that players enjoy a stable and flawless gambling experience. by doing this, even the casinos that have partnered with the company will be able to retain their customers because of this kind of support.

  • Formidable back office

    Pretty gaming has a strong back office that helps partners enhance their business management in a more efficient way because they can work on instant reviews through accessing extensive tools and key stats.

  • Wallet integration

    There are 2 ways of wallet integration including transfer wallet and seamless wallet, which are created to facilitate money transfer to offer a more convenient gambling experience to all players and to create great values for their partners.

Pretty Gaming Products

For any type of player to access the products of pretty gaming, the company has created games that can be accessed across different platforms. The Company utilizes the recent technology, which is known as HTML technology to create games that are compatible with mobile devices. Games that are compatible with mobile devices ensures that player gets to play anywhere and anytime. Offering players a simple to utilize and seamless product is the most crucial aspect to appeal to new players and maintain loyal players. The company is always willing to provide the players with that and more. Some of the games you should expect to find in the gaming portfolio of this company are listed below.


This is a game that contains eight decks of cards, a six-card draw, ten major roadmaps, and many bets on more than eighteen baccarat tables. Those are just some of the best features of their baccarat game. Speed baccarat and squeeze baccarat are also created by the company to make sure that casinos can retain players by keeping them always entertained and also attract new players to join in the fun.

Money Wheel

Money wheel provides players with the highest payout of fifty is to one. This game features a side bet option that can be found on the Hoo Hey How, which is an ancient Chinese dice game. Also, the game is hosted by lovely ladies that spin the wheel while interacting with the players. This only means that players will never have a dull moment when playing Money Wheel.

Cow Cow Baccarat

Casinos that provide this game from Pretty gaming offer their players a thrilling experience because the odds of betting can increase up to 9:1 and it will continue this way until the cards get revealed.

Dragon Tiger

This is a type of game that is mainly offered at Asian sites, which signifies the war between 2 powerful creatures based in Chinese culture. This is a type of casino game that is based on luck alone and is fast and easy to play. All players require to enjoy this game is to place bets on three choices only; the Tie, Tiger, and Dragon.

Fan Tan

This is an ancient game that has its origins in China. The gameplay is also easy and requires players to bet on the size of beads that remain at the table once the dealer divides them into different categories of 4 using a bamboo stick.


Roulette game originated in France and is among some of the most popular casino games across the globe. This casino game is complicated because it’s based on the player’s luck alone. To win in this game, players are required to correctly guess where the ball will rest after spinning the wheel. Players are also allowed to bet on single or many numbers once.

Sic Bo

This is another famous game that is offered by many casinos across the globe where players place bets on a roll combination of three dices. Sic bo is a fast-paced and simple to play casino game that is very popular in the Asian region.


Last but not least is blackjack, which is offered by Asian casinos and other sites in the western region. This game is special, as it requires the players to beat the dealer using their techniques and leave luck to do the rest of the work. This is another simple game to play because players are required to get closer to 21 for them to win though they aren’t required to go beyond that number.

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