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Sic Bo is famous across Asia, having origins in ancient China. The game has other names such as Dai Siu, Hi-lo, Huge and Little, and Tai Sai through the years. Chinese immigrants introduced the game to the United States. In particular, in land-based casinos across the globe and online gambling institutions, it is now the norm.

Sic-Bo Game Instructions

The rules of real money Sic Bo are easy to learn. That is why it is so well-known in many areas of the world. There will be a betting layout, three dices, and a box (or a virtual container for online players).

Before putting their money down at the beginning of a round, players select which wagering options they want. A player can choose from a variety of options. Three dice are positioned inside the box and shaken, and later disclosed. Therefore, winners and losers are dependent on the resultant roll.

Betting Options

For those who have never played Sic Bo, the betting layout could be intimidating. To avoid any confusion, this section details all of the bets accessible to Sic bo players. For each bet, I’ve also included house edge and overall probability.

1. Big

Players who select this option are betting on the three dice, which had a score ranging from 11 to 17. The only exception being that the same number had been rolled on all dice, in which case it would count as a separate wager. The possibility of this combination appearing is 48.6%, and the house edge is typically 2.8%.

2. Small

The sum of the three dice would be between 4 and 10. Once more, the same number appearing on all dice totals as a triple. This one has a probability of 48.6% and a house edge of 2.8%.

3. Even

Except for a triple, the total value of all three dice is an even number. This has a 48.6 percent chance of occurring, and also the house edge on such a bet is 2.8%.

4. Odd

When all three dice are rolled, the total is an odd number. The only exception is a triple, which recognizes as a separate bet. This outcome occurs 48.6% of the time, with a 2.8% house edge.

5. Specific Doubles

The player selects a number between one and six for this wager and bets that it’ll roll on at least two of the dice. Which has a 7.41% chance, and also, the house edge could indeed range from 11.1 % to 33.3% (depending on the payout ratio).

6. Specific Triples

Also referred to as “All’s.” If a number from 1 to 6 rolled across all three dice, the player wins. It happens only 0.46% of the time, and the house edges for this bet are 16.2% and 30.1%.

7. Any Triple

Instead of selecting a particular number to appear three times, the player is paid if any triple appears three times. The likelihood of this occurring is 2.8%, and the typical house edge ranges from 11.1% to 30.6%.

8. Single Dice Bet

The player selects a number from one to six and bets that it will show up on one or more of the dice. The likelihood of it occurring once is 34.72%, while two dice reduce the likelihood to 6.94%. Of course, the same number across all three dice seems to be the least likely with such an overall possibility of 0.46 %. The payout grows with each die roll of the specified number, and the house edge is typically 3.7% or 7.9%.

9. Dice Combinations

The player bets that two of both the dice will show a particular numerical combination. For instance, the player could wager that a 3 and a 6 will be rolled. The probability is 13.9%, whereas the house edge is usually 2.8% (at odds of 6 to 1) or 16.7% (5 to 1 odds).

10. Three Dice Total

The player bets on specific sum of the dice, ranging from four to seventeen. The numbers & their likelihood of occurrence are as follows: 4 or 17 (1.4%), 5 or 16 (2.8%), 6 or 15 (4.6%), 7 or 14 (6.9%), 8 or 13 (9.7%), 9 or 12 (11.6%), 10 or 11 (11.6%) (12.5% ).

11. Specific Double and Single Number Combination

The player selects a number to appear twice in this tricky bet, and a single number will roll. It works only about 1.4%of cases, and hence the house edge can reach 29.2%.

12. Three Single Number Combination

The player selects three numbers. If they appear on the next roll, a payout would be made. With a 30:1 payout, the house edge is 13.9%, and also the overall probability is 2.8%.

13. Four-Number Combinations

The player selects one among four numerical combos and wins if three of his numbers have rolled. There are six options: 6, 5, 4, 3/6, 5, 3, 2/5, 4, 3, 2/4, 3, 2, 1. On a 7:1 payout, the probability is 11.1%, with a house edge of 11.1%.

Sic-Bo Pay Table

The payouts on Sic Bo may vary depending on where you play, but I just want to include this section to give readers a general understanding of what kind of financial rewards they can expect. In this case, I’m referring to the pay figures given by the Bovada online casino.

Specific Triple – pays 180:1 (which means you win $180 for every $1 wagered)

  • Total 4 or 17 – 62:1
  • Total 5 or 16 – 31:1
  • Any Triple – 31:1
  • Total 6 or 15 – 18:1
  • Total 7 or 14 – 12:1
  • Single Number on Three Dice – 12:1
  • Total 8 or 13 – 8:1
  • Double – 11:1
  • Total 9 or 12 – 7:1
  • Total 10 or 11 – 6:1
  • Two Dice Combo – 6:1
  • Single Number on Two Dice – 2:1
  • Single Number on One Die – 1:1
  • Small or Big – 1:1

Sic-Bo Winning Strategy

A variety of websites will give you various forms of “kind of insane” strategies for walking away a winner. The most important thing to do is disregard so-called experts and pitchmen seeking to sell incorrect advice or promote you anything.

Sic Bo for actual money is indeed a game of pure chance, and no betting system can change that. Even if a strategy works for a short period of time, the house will always catch up with you after hundreds and thousands of rolls.

This is why it’s referred to as a “house edge.” The best real-money Sic Bo piece of advice I can give is to play the odds. In an earlier section, I listed the probabilities for the various wagers, and the most player-friendly suggestions seemed to be big, small, even, and odd.

All of these have a 48.6 percent chance of appearing on almost any given roll, therefore the wise player should place bets on these and avoid the more colorful bets.

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