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Most newbies feel intimidated whenever they approach the blackjack tables for the first time. To the player’s consternation, every person appears to know exactly what he or she is doing. Not to forget many first-timers can’t cope with the fast-paced game.

Blackjack can at first be very confusing because it isn’t as simple as you might think. Unlike them, it needs a great amount of strategy, knowledge, and skill. Moreover, there are some skills one needs to continue playing at the casino, which adds more confusion to the newbies.

If you’re new to blackjack online, we strongly recommend going through the blackjack tips and tricks provided here. These will help enhance your game, feel at ease and save more money until you get used to playing real money blackjack.

Use The Basic Strategy

Blackjack isn’t a game you can enjoy playing with the help of hunches or intuition. There are sets of correct playing choices for different situations that can find you in by “correct” which means the mathematically optimal decisions.

This great set of optimal plays is often referred to as the basic strategy and helps you attain two main things – get more profits during the highly advantageous solutions and minimize your losses if you’re an underdog. Technically, this tells you if it’s the right time to surrender, double down, split, stand or hit.

Following the perfect basic strategy results in a significant reduction in the casino odds that drops to 50%. You enjoy playing a near break-even game with the basic strategy.

Nonetheless, what’s right and what’s not is related to the rules of the games you’re playing that then lead us to tip number two – understand your game.

Know Your Blackjack Game

One of the main issues with online blackjack is the lack of a unified rules system. The rules of blackjack games is different based on the casino game you play in. this results in differences in the game’s optimal strategy. The worst thing that you can ever do is try and memorize the basic strategy chart you ever come across and utilize it to the blackjack tables no matter the variations of the game.

The strategy isn’t just affected by the decks used by a certain blackjack game, but also the drawing rules and other conditions. You should learn to properly adjust your gameplay based on these variables. Else, you’ll end up making some mistakes, which might eventually cost you money or reduce your EV.

Moreover, some blackjack variations offer better playing conditions than other games.

Never Accept Insurance

Each online casino game has a sucker bet and when it comes to blackjack games, this privilege goes to an insurance bet. The proposition bet is provided by players from the beginning of the round after the dealer exposes an Ace card. In case you accept insurance, you need to place a side bet which amounts to half of the initial stake.

In case the dealer doesn’t have the blackjack; you’ll lose the insurance bet and continue playing the hand as usual. The insurance usually pays at a 2:1 rate if the dealer has a blackjack. This might mislead the player to believe they protect their hands against a possible dealer blackjack.

In the real sense, insurance doesn’t have anything to do with your initial hand. You are just betting a dealer has a 10-value card for the hole. One thing that the insurance does is giving the casino a big edge.

Don’t Slow The Blackjack Game

Experienced players and the pit crew show some understanding towards blackjack newbies, but you must try your best never to slow the game down. This invokes unpleasant reactions from other players around the table.

The casino personnel doesn’t like this because it reduces the number of hands that are played every hour. This causes the casino’s hourly revenue from the table games to drop. Also, skilled players don’t like a slow-paced casino game mainly because it reduces the profits generated every hour.

If you haven’t yet conquered the basic strategy and can’t recall all the correct plays for specific hands, it’s important to take a third base seat.

Occasionally Tip The Dealer

While you shouldn’t feel pressured into giving tips to the dealer, it’s a good gesture to give the dealer a tip occasionally, especially if you’re on a hot winning streak.

Approach tipping the croupier the same way you do in a classy restaurant. In case you like the service you get, tip the dealer. However, if you don’t, just pay the bill and get going.

Just ensure you don’t overdo it with the toke since generosity considerably reduces the expected value. For instance, if you’re wagering $25 per hand, but you choose to post a $5 wager for the dealer at the beginning of every round of play.

Check Out The Mistakes Made By The Dealer

No one is immune to making mistakes when playing casino games online, including the dealers, regardless of how experienced such players are. At times the mistakes manifest in the form of not understanding a player’s hand.
In most cases, you need to check out what the dealer does when playing the game. Such mistakes often occur more regularly when the player is wagering on increments of the odd amounts such as $10 and $30.

Don’t Try Counting Cards When Playing Online Blackjack

If you choose to take your game to a whole new level and master the card counting technique, you should know that it doesn’t work when playing blackjack online. This doesn’t work online where the outcome of every hand is determined by RNGs.

Card counting is tracking the cards that have been dealt in the game. It offers you the knowledge of the cards remaining in the deck or shoe. You change the size of your bet and deviate from basic strategy gameplay using this knowledge.

The problem is the random number generators program reshuffles the cards after every round. The discarded cards are automatically reintroduced into the shoe or deck, which means every round starts afresh.

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