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Wagering on esports games is growing at a rate that rivals if not outpaces esports itself. It used to be an unofficial system of wagering among friends and acquaintances has quickly grown into an industry in which millions of dollars are risked annually by millions of players from approximately every corner of the globe.

We give you the opportunity to learn about esports betting and connect you with legitimate betting providers.

With such rapid growth comes a greater deal of unpredictability among those interested in wagering on e-sports.

Even if you are well-versed in the game being played, the world of gambling on that game may be completely foreign to you.

And if you’re more like a fan than a devout gamer, you may have questions about both the game and the wagering

What characteristics should I look for in an esports betting bookmaker?

We believe there are a few basic questions you should ask before deciding on a web esports sportsbook to place esports wagers at:

  • Can I put my trust in this website?
  • How beneficial are their e-sports betting odds?
  • What kind of promotional worth do they provide?
  • What types of bets can I make on e-sports matches?
  • Can I put my trust in this sportsbook?

It essentially boils down to these few simple tests to determine whether you can trust an online sportsbook.

  1. The first is a regulatory test. Which jurisdiction granted the online sports book a license?

    This information is usually available in the sportsbook’s website footer. If you are unfamiliar with the jurisdiction, conduct some preliminary research.

    If there are player complaints against a jurisdiction’s regulated sites, all it takes is a simple Google search to learn about them. What are some of the other sites that the jurisdiction has licensed?

    If you are already aware with various online gaming businesses, what jurisdictions do they operate under?
  2. The second is a social proof test. What are actual users telling regarding the current site on social media & review sites?

    In associated with social media accounts & customer support, how accessible and available is the site?

    By investigating these simple characteristics, you could perhaps generally tell the difference of both a credible and active site.
  3. The third is indeed the experience test. Begin with a small wager at a sportsbook which has passed the very first two tests.

    Make the smallest deposit and bet the smallest amount. If you have any questions or concerns, address them to the support team and check the effectiveness and genuineness of their response.

    Move on if you don’t prefer anything about your experience. There are dozens of other providers who would love to get your business.

How good are the odds on esports betting?

Each odds on a given match will differ from one online e-sportsbook to the next. You should do some preliminary research to determine which sportsbooks provide the odds which you believe are most favorable.

This is really a question you should ask on a regular basis because marketplaces are adaptable and books get better (or worse) at forecasting specific markets.

What kind of promotions does the esports sportsbook provide?

Whenever it comes down to getting the best deal for an esports bet, price is only one factor to consider.

Most sites provide players, particularly new players, with a wide range of promotions & bonuses which increase the payout you can obtain for your play.

The following are three of the main promotional elements to be aware of:

  • Bonuses on deposits
  • Free Chip Bets
  • Cashbacks & VIP Programs

What kinds of e-sports bets can I make?

During this time in the game, bets vary widely in quality and quantity from sportsbook to sportsbook.

Match Betting – betting on the outcome of a match or on a bigger event, as a whole, is most common. Many sportsbooks in the sector, like Buff.bet, Rivalry, and ArcaneBet, are experimenting with “live” or “in-play” wagering, in which bets are placed while an event in progress.

In Play Market – Traditionally, finding suitable in-play markets in sports is among the most challenging tasks. Thus, for the time being, it will be rather tough to provide a broad array of e-sports betting options across several bookies.

Users should also think about quantity, since not all e-sportsbooks provides odds on all events. Some bookmakers, such as Bet365, 22Bet, TonyBet, and Betway, are rapidly expanding their esports betting coverage, while others, such as 888Sport, Unibet, and Mr Green, tend to take a wait-and-see method to filling out their e-sports betting tab.

Esports Betting Site Reviews & Guides, as of 2021.

A difficult question that does not apply to all users in all situations. Note that as a bettor, you are subject to the regulations and regulatory requirements of your country. If the following forms of sports betting are not permitted where you live most likely e-sports are too

Who regulates e-sports betting?

Regulatory bodies now exist for e-sports, though many leagues and groups cooperate to various degrees, such as ESL.

As e-sports expands, it’s probable that a single regulatory framework will evolve, albeit the worldwide presence of the activity may complicate things somewhat.

The answers depend on the operator. each are placed inside their own jurisdictions (and may be subject to additional regulation based on the markets that they serve).

The United Kingdom Gambling Commission, Malta Gaming Authority, and the Isle of Man are all popular licensing hubs for online gambling.

What age do I need to be to bet on e-sports?

Because the minimum betting age varies by jurisdiction, there is no universal answer. Sites will sometimes set their own age limit that is higher than the local minimum age.

How do I know if a match is fair and on a level playing field?

The issue of fairness in esports competition is a legitimate & growing one. There had already been a number of high allegations of match-fixing in esports, including some at the sport’s highest levels.

Without such a guarantee that the game is been played fair, bettors have very little reason to risk profit upon on outcome – even if the stakes are small. A few factors are assisting in ensuring and confirming the fairness of esports matches:

1. Increase in E-Sports prize pools

Since more money is at stake for winning championships, the allure of a financial incentive to fling matches fades.

2. The entry of traditional sportsbooks:

One of the primary responsibilities of major online bookmakers such as bet365 is to combat fraud. As they enter the esports wagering market, they bring significant experience and capabilities to bear on the issue of esports match-fixing.

3. Increased regulation:

As prize pools and betting become larger, so does the amount of attention and regulation. Both increase the risk of match-fixing and reduce match-fixers ability to hide in plain sight. Esports, like traditional sports leagues, have independent commissions that ensure fair play. In 2016, the e-sports Integrity Commission was established to begin investigating all allegations of fraud, doping, and match-fixing in the e-sports industry.

The best betting sites, including Unikrn, GG.Bet, and Luckbox, look to the ESIC for uncertain cases at all e-sports tournament levels. Many e-sports tournament hosts, such as DreamHack, BLAST Pro Series, & the Electronic Sports League, are partners of the ESIC. ESIC collaborates with government betting commissions in the Isle of Man, Nevada, & the United Kingdom to ensure the integrity of pro esports matches.

The ESIC has issued bans at the highest levels of esports, and developers have faith in their investigations. The ESIC first revealed the CS: GO Coach Bug scandal in 2020, which resulted in the suspension of nearly 40 Counter-Strike coaches. Among these names were the coaches of major teams such as FaZe Clan, Natus Vincere, and Ninjas in Pyjamas.

Following the ESIC’s decision to prevent these coaches from participating in any of its partner’s tournaments, betting sites and tournament organizers worldwide adopted the ESIC’s decision.

Real sports bettors are especially concerned about the fairness of e-sports. It’s a unique source of entertainment, and also lack of physicality could obscure unfair play. When it tends to come to match integrity, esports matches are still on par with the NFL or NBA.

With bigger prize pools and considerably more spectators than before, e-sports teams have greater motivation to remain on course. Bets on e-sports are just as trustworthy as sports bets because of the rise of the e-sports business industry and the presence of integrity commissions.

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