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Also known as slots fan’s best friend, a scatter bonus symbol is essentially the key to unlocking several exciting bonus features created within the slot game.

Different from the symbols that require to line up on the pay line to land on winning, the scatter only has to show up on the wheels to unlock the free spins, other bonuses, or the mini-games.

Scatter symbols are normally among the highest paying symbols within a slot title and are usually symbolized by a particular graphic that is special to a theme of the specific slot game.

How Scatter Bonus Symbols Work?

Normally, a specific variety of scatter symbols should show up on one spin to open up a feature. This information is outlined on the paytable of the slot game.

When the needed variety of scatter symbols shows up on one spin, the game is launched into the promised bonus feature.

Sometimes, it’s free spins, and other times the scatter symbols are used to unlock other exciting bonus games.

Scatter symbols are normally game-specific, which implies that they work slightly differently across the board, based on the slot game the player is enjoying.

Bearing that in mind, some icons are just plain scattered and at times they pay a win combination.

This is especially true while playing simple slots with no bonus features other than scatter and wild rewards.

Scatter bonus symbols differ from the rest symbols in 2 different ways. First, they don’t require showing up on the winning line to pay out a wine.

Instead, these symbols only show up in all positions on the wheel to pay out a winning. Secondly, they can’t act as a substitute for the wild symbol.

Wilds can appear in lieu of other symbols, creating a winning combination where none existed before, but not for scatters.

The scatter rules vary amongst casino games, so it’s best to consult the paytable ahead of time.

In many slot games, 3 or more scatter symbols on the wheels increase the winnings.

Scatter raises entire earnings, not just the winning line, and most players bet on all lines to multiply reward.

Other games use the scatter icon to trigger a bonus game, and three scatters on a pay line trigger a slot feature.

Those features can differ from one bonus game to another to free spins. Among the most popular slots include Immortal Romance and The Dark Knight Rises that feature a combo of scatter symbols for initiating the bonus rounds.

The Initial Scatter Bonus Symbol

On the classic fruit machines, the initial scatter symbol happened to be the red cherries.

As a new element to the game, cherries were not subject to the same regulations as other symbols.

Whereas other features require a pay line, the cherries appear on the wheels for a tiny win.

This bonus was added to all other win lines and could be multiplied by several scatters landing on a spin.

These days’ video slots use scatter symbols differently, and software developers are continually coming up with innovative methods to use them in interesting games.

While scatter symbols and additional bonuses are common in five-reel slots, they are rare in three-reel slots.

They are also featured in progressive jackpot games, seven reel games, bonus games, and other slot games.

Video Slots And Scatter Symbols

With most modern video slots having 5 or 7 wheels and some offering numerous pay lines each spin, the role of scatter symbols has changed.

Scatters featured on video slots are usually animated and will show up after landing on the wheels.

Many slots now have 3D visuals and video streaming, and 3 scatter symbols trigger a bonus round with animations and video clips.

Initially, a single scatter symbol on the wheels created a tiny winning. While most video slots require 3 or more scatter symbols to trigger bonus rounds, some pay out on just one or two.

How Can I Tell If The Game Features A Scatter Symbol?

In many games, the paytable can be accessed simply from the playing screen. After clicking on the paytable, a box opens up.

The backend details on signs include bonus and wild elements, scatters, and other game-specific details.

Reading the paytable is the best method to win at slots. Wilds, bonus icons, and wilds are all taught separately, as are payouts and winning combinations.


Every online casino slot game has a paytable that explains the winning combinations, wild symbols, tiers of rewards, and scatter symbols.

The paytable is generally accessed via the gaming site’s home screen icon, which displays a pop-up window with all relevant information.

Find out which symbols are scatters and how many you need to win or activate the bonus feature. It’s very exciting to enjoy slots and win when you are aware of what you are aiming for.

All slots machines have various symbols on the wheels that payout when 3 or more are lined up.

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