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96ACE- 296% Supreme Welcome Bonus

120% Welcome Bonus

Nothing feels good like getting the first welcome bonus in trying out an online casino for the first time. Not only it welcomes the new player, but it can also enhance the chances of playing longer & winning more.

96ACE online casino provides players with a 120% welcome bonus on their first deposit with a minimum deposit of MR150.

Welcome Bonus Category

The bonus is categorized into three categories following the products you are interested in placing your bets first, as below:

1. 120% Sportsbook WelcomeBonus

The 120% Sportsbook Welcome Bonus is for betting on sportsbooks or e-sports products only. This will give players the advantage of betting on more matches or simply wager a big sum of money on a single match.

2. 120% Live Casino WelcomeBonus

The 120% Live Casino Welcome Bonus enables players for betting on live casino games on their website.

3. 120% Slot Game WelcomeBonus

The 120% Slot Game Welcome Bonus is mainly for playing their wide range of slot games products on their website.

Terms & Conditions

Like all bonuses, this bonus does come with terms & conditions which players need to take note of.

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