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Gambling is more than just having fun. Betting also has a rich history and vibrant culture that is as exciting as the casino games themselves. If you’ve spent time at an online casino or a land-based casino in Las Vegas, or anywhere else, it’s highly likely you’ve come across many characters that often regale you with many gambling facts and stories about the casino industry. If this happens again, you can show him/her who the real boss is by sharing the top gambling facts. However, if you choose to play online, you can then keep the facts to yourself as you focus on the game at hand or share them with your mates.

The First Casino Site Was Launched In 1994

Online gambling has existed for over 20 years now. In fact, the first casino site launched before the average American had internet access. Microgaming, a renowned casino site that continues offering renowned casino games to date, launched the first gaming club casino back in 1994. Technically, casinos have made great strides from humble beginners. Players don’t have to rely on questionable management teams, suspect security, clunky software, and primitive graphics. Licensed and regulated, today’s leading casinos include tempting promotions, live dealer gaming, and smartphone compatibility.

Las Vegas Isn’t The Worlds Gambling Capital

Contrary to popular beliefs, Las Vegas is not the world’s gambling epicenter. For players looking for a more exciting gambling experience, they will want to try out Macau. The city is not the only place to gamble legally, with about $35 billion in the local gaming industry 7x larger than the stateside competitor. While Macau isn’t just an imitation of Las Vegas, you’ll find Sands, Wynn, and MGM casinos. But not all is lost in Nevada; fantastic entertainment is hard to miss in Sin City.

Gambling Is A Cash Venture For Customs And HM Revenue

Considering how popular betting has become around the world, it should be surprising that the government makes a profit from the casino industry. However, seasoned bettors and pros are in shock to learn the revenue that gambling generates. Luckily, you do not have to depend on merely take our word for it or hearsay, as the HM Revenue and Customs publish the betting, Lottery, and Gaming Duties. One thing that you’ll appreciate is the fact that governments that regulate online gambling still make money from it.

American Roulette Once Had The Worst Odds

If you have ever played roulette online, you probably would want to avoid the American variant as much as possible. This is because the US version of American roulette features a double zero on top of the standard zero, which offers a house with an added advantage. But in the late 19th century, some American versions of the roulette wheel favored the casino to a greater degree. Some of the early roulette tables feature numbers one to 28 plus a double zero and a single zero and the American eagle.

Royal Flushes Are Very Rare

If you have been wondering why you haven’t yet seen the royal flush when playing poker games with friends, there are reasons everything comes down to numbers. With just 4 possible royal flushes in the deck, the odds of landing an elusive hand are between 1 in 649,739.

Compared to the odds of landing 4 of the kind at 1 in about 4,164, or the straight flush at 1 in about 72,192 and it’s very easy for you to understand why players feel like they are chasing some mythical creatures.

1st World Series Of Poker (WSOP) Was Determined By Voting

The WSOP has been around for many years since it was first launched nearly 5 decades ago. Unlike the new WSOP that has the main event as dozes of other tournaments, the 1970 WSOP featured the cash game session.

Since the players who took part in the game were only by invitation, the winner of the first gaming session was determined by voting. While Johnny Moss eventually won, it’s believed each poker played voted for him.

King Henry VII Was An Addicted Gambler

Many people believe that Henry VII for his 6 marriages, but many wives were not his only trend. It is hard to overlook the king’s love for gambling. King Henry VII didn’t only play cards and dice regularly, but he was also a commoner in jousting, archery, and other types of sports.

According to the historical records, king henry VII suffered a 2-year losing streak, which cost him about $4,000 that would be worth billions today.

Roulette Is Widely Known As The Devils Game

Ever taken a few minutes to add the numbers, which appear on the roulette wheel? Let me save you time by revealing the total is 666. This is why roulette is widely known as a devil’s game. Also, there is the legend that Francois Blanc, a man that introduced the one zero format of roulette had made a deal with the devil to succeed as a gambling operator.

FedEx Is Founded On Gambling

Without the popular casino game known as blackjack, it’s highly likely you’ve heard its association with FedEx. During the hard times back in the 1970s, the company that was popularly known as Federal Express wasn’t able to get a $24,000 loan that is desperately needed to cover the jet fuel bill.

In an attempt to save the young company, Fred Smith, the Founder took the organization $5,000 and went to Las Vegas to play blackjack. Luckily, Smith turned the cash into a whopping $27,000 that covered fuel bills and a week’s expense.

Gambling Made It Possible To Build The Great Wall Of China

You know the National Lottery offers to fund buildings in Britain. The Angel of the North, Tate Modern, American Air Museum, and The Eden Project all have betting to thank, but this isn’t a new phenomenon.

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