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In general, gambling addiction is perceived as an action where a person isn’t able to decline impulses to gamble. Hence leading to critical social or personal consequences.

Many people out there want to stop gambling but they always find it very difficult. But, if you make clear decisions, you can be able to stop gambling for good. Ex-problem bettors find it very difficult to start gambling for creational purposes after quitting.

Most problem gamblers, require an abstinence-based strategy to fully recover and start living a wholesome life once again. In order to sustain abstinence, An efficient plan of recovery is important to put in place to avoid relapse. Below are some ideas to help problem gamblers maintain their new life;

Plan The Activities To Indulge In After Quit Gambling Addiction

Ex-gamblers experience boredom after quitting gambling because they are used to the lows and highs of active gambling addiction. If you are a problem gambler and planing to quit gambling, you will need to plan the your activiites ahead. The activities you will be undertaking to avoid boredom or it can make you go back to gambling. Research shows that if the ex-gamblers indulge in uninspiring activity, they might not complete it or end up avoiding it completely.

Live Each Moment At A Time

By this, we mean that you should try to put your past behind including the losses you encountered when gambling.

A desire to recover your losses at the bookie or online casinos might limit you from concentrating on your recovery problems.

Living each day at a time implies no stressing yourself about what happened in the past and focusing on the present. Concentrate on the things you are able to do at the moment as it will help you recover from gambling addiction.

Try Out Something Entirely Different To Avoid Gambling Addiction

When you were gambling, your brain adapted to operating in a specific way, therefore, you require to stimulate it consistently since you have stopped that action.

When you concentrate on solving the problem of gambling, you will be in a better position to handle the urges of gambling each time they arise. Revive

Old Hobbies

Invariably, bettors lose interest in their favorite hobbies when they become gambling addicts. After you quit gambling, it’s essential to revive an old hobby.

This will help in boosting your self-esteem as well as act as a reminder of your new present. Similar to other behavioral addictions, it’s essential to look for healthy activities to swap the old addiction.

This will assist you to remain focused on your current life instead of your old life.

Look For Ways, Which Will Help You Manage Stress Better

How an ex-gambler manages stress and plays a major to the recovery process from gambling as well as preventing them from relapsing. As a result, it’s good to look for new and healthy ways of coping with stress including talking to a close friend, hypnotherapy, meditation, or physical exercise.

If you become more stressed, urges to gamble will grow strong with each new dawn. That’s why we mentioned above, it’s good to be occupied in order to avoid boredom as it leads to a problem gambler relapsing.

Keep Reminding Yourself Gambling Is Losing

It’s essential to keep reminding your mind that where there is no discipline, you will without a doubt lose your bankroll, no matter whether you utilize the best betting strategy.

Gambling urges might arise again as seductive urges especially when you are down financially. You will keep on thinking about the casino games that you can gamble mostly the huge jackpots, to win life-changing amounts to solve the financial crisis. It’s good to remind yourself that once you begin gambling you won’t stop and this will help you handle any gambling urges.

Recognize Your Self-Sabotage Triggers

Your lone time is very important. Take every gambling urge as a temporary threat and be prepared for them to arise before special occasions like exam time, wedding anniversaries, or birthdays.

Visualize Your Gambling Company Or Site With A Negative Slogan

Link your preferred betting company with a negative slogan and perceive it as nasty each time a desire to go back there triggers in your mind. By doing this, you can insert a negative bias of betting in your brain.

Also, it will remind you how stressed or low you felt when you stopped that bad addiction. When you bear in mind that gambling is not a good activity, urges to go back will trigger less.

Writing A Daily Gratitude Note Can Also Help

Keep reminding yourself how your life has changed or improved after you stopped gambling. This will play a major role in focusing on your current activities. If you are a religious person, you can as well indulge in spiritual actions.

This helps you switch your mind completely and avoid your old gambling habits. When you wake each morning feeling grateful, you won’t search for excitement elsewhere. Try it and you will see it really works.

You can also consider bonding with the people you love. Loneliness leads to people looking for ways to occupy their minds and one of them is gambling.

Therefore, you should try showing love and kindness to an ex-gambler so that they can stop looking for bonding activities elsewhere. Stopping gambling shouldn’t only be seen as a precious time and as a way of rekindling your past memories.

People addicted to gambling usually don’t have a strong connection with their families as they are always indulging in gambling activities and this has resulted in many family breakups or kids indulging in illegal activities without the parents realizing.

In simple words, gambling has brought more disadvantages than advantages in general. Gambling addicts have even once sold their family properties to the gambler. So, when you wake up, it’s good to remind yourself that gambling isn’t worth it. If you are a social gambler, here are some tips for you to gamble responsibly.

Gambling Addiction FAQs

How do you stop gambling addiction?

You can seek professional help in case you’re having a problem gambling. Some of the things you can do to stop gambling addiction include seeking professional help, postpone gambling, avoid temptation, join support groups and understand the problem.

What causes gambling addiction?

Different factors including the desire to experience highs and thrills, desperation for money, and the entertaining atmosphere causes gambling addiction.

Can a gambler be treated?
Gambling addiction can’t be cured, but instead should be treated like substance addiction.

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