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GD Lotto Overview

The Grand Dragon Lottery is the leading live 4 Digits lottery provider in the Asian region. As the biggest Lottery provider in Asia, the software company is fully committed to offering players the most secure and exciting live lottery game.

GDLotto is very committed to creating a top-notch live 4D lottery game for the players based in Asia. To make sure that players enjoy the results of the game openly and live, most casinos that provide this game stream it live where players can see the results of the drawings. GDLotto is trying very hard to modernize the convection of this game creatively and innovatively to ensure that they meet the demands of the players.

Why GDLotto?

The main aim of this game is to change the lives of players that are based in Malaysia. Each day, this game offers players a chance to win a life-changing amount. So, this means that this is the best chance that players should never miss.

Currently, more and more players are winning prizes that are worth millions of dollars and this has absolutely changed the lives of many people. Only by participating in this game, you support tens of thousands of local governments and organizations as well as the arts, sports, and health sector via statutory funding.

Licensed Lottery Company

Grand Lotto is entirely owned by the popular Dai Long Company, which is an authorized casino that is based in Cambodia. Also, this casino is certified and is licensed, which means that it provides fair and high-quality games. The best thing about this casino is that it doesn’t only offer lotto games but also online gaming, slots, and table games. So, players with different tastes and preferences will always find something to enjoy at that casino online.

The First And The Biggest Live 4D Company In The Asian Region

Each day, millions of players across the Asian regions get the chance to win large amounts of money that can help them change their lives. In addition to that, this is the biggest 4D company with regards to daily active users. Also, the company was the first one to digitalize the method of drawing 4D games and this gives many players to become the judge of the game. Every action of this game is clearly broadcasted online, which means that players will always move with the action.

Focused On The Asian Region

GD lotto is very focused to place Cambodia on the global lottery map. The main aim of this company is to create a secured, transparent, and most innovative lottery game. Currently, the GD lottery has been recognized as among the most innovative and creative game developers in Asia.

Offers Transparent Results

Apart from the games being exciting and fun to play, players also get a chance of reviewing the results in real-time. The aim of this company is to promote transparency and honesty whenever they can. The main aim of this company is to attract online players so that they can play real-time lottery games.

All Payouts Are The Same Across Different Countries

To make sure that players from different countries enjoy a fair game although, with a different currency, the company ensures that the winning payouts of the games are fixed in all countries that the game is available. And because every region’s currency is different from another, the company will fix the payouts in every country and will make sure that the agents offering these games will retain that rate for the sake of their players.

Their Main Aim Is To Give Back To The Society

Different from other companies that offer games, GD lotto not only aims to make profits but to also help society. They support many organizations and local governments as well as the sports and health sector.


GD Lotto is a company that is committed to offering players games that are fair. The drawing of the results is done in real-time and is fair and honest. They also have a policy that is created to help detect, prevent and investigate any cases of fraud.

Not only that, the player’s private data is 100% protected and the company uses it when necessary and can’t leak it to other companies out there. The only reason why the company asks for private details is for verification purposes. Because this company is licensed, it must abide by the rules of the licensee and that’s why they are honest and transparent to avoid being canceled from offering gaming services.

Can I Play Grand Lotto Online?

You can check out their official site to learn about the history of this game. Not only that, but you can also check out the available rewards as well as the live drawings. Also, Grand Dragon has a broad retail network in all the countries across the globe where the game is offered.

Grand Dragon Lotto Products

The name of this lotto game is enough to tell that you will have fun playing it. GD Lotto is offered in many Asian countries and is based in Singapore. The exciting aspect of this GD lotto is that it provides many special gameplay methods, which combine both 3D and 4D options.

For the people that have never participated in this game and have never heard about it in the past, this review will help them a lot. We promise to offer all the necessary information about this game.

GD lottery is offered in Singapore as well as other countries in the world. This was the primary Cambodian 4D game and the lotto’s vision is to make Cambodia the 1st Asian country to offer a mobile 4D version.

Based on historical references, GD was the primary 4D style game. The game was launched back in 1950 and from that time, it has gained a lot of popularity. Primarily provided in Cambodia, this game has made the country turn into a famous destination for people that would love to try their luck and win a prize.

Currently, the GD game is very different from the rest types of 4D style games due to the special drawing methodology. These appealing features have made it even more popular in Singapore and there are possibilities that will expand more in the future.

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