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Sabah88 Overview

Looking to play the best 4D lotto games for a chance to win real cash prizes? If so, Sabah88 4D is one of the few games that has over the years produced Sabahan millionaires. Sabah88 4D is a high-quality lotto game that’s created by Diriwan, a reputed software provider in Sabah. Established back in 1988, Diriwan has around 40 outlets with about 147 terminals located in all major towns in Sabah.

About Sabah88

Over the past few years, Diriwan has been recruiting, hiring, and training locals of different cultural and racial backgrounds, religious beliefs, and ages. They offer players a chance to grow with them and have some of the highest standards of superb customer support service.

The gaming operator is subject to very strict licensing conditions, including requirements of integrity and honesty at the highest standards. The company ensures all draws every Sunday, Saturday and Wednesday are carried out with stringent compliance to guarantee transparency and fairness to their customers.

Sabah88 4D is Diriwan’s main product and this game has slowly evolved over the past few years to conform with the latest trends and keep the game exciting to all 4D gamers.

Our team of experts has spent countless hours coming up with this review to help lottery players across the globe, especially those based in Malaysia. In this review, we will provide more essential details about Sabah 88 4D.

How To Participate In Sabah88 Lotto

Every Sabah lotto game will cost you some money, though it’s usually a small fee, particularly compared to the amount of money you can win.

For you to have many chances of winning, you will be required to pick six numbers from 45 sets of numbers and match each one of them. Each time, a bonus number and six main numbers are drawn. The bonus number acts a big role in determining the winnings for system bets and the lower prize tiers.

Every time, the prize pool consists of 55% of the money produced through purchases of the tickets. Also, Sabah lotto features a minimum assured jackpot of a whooping 500,000 that is offered after each drawing.

Odds And Prizes

The minimum assured jackpot normally increases each time there lacks a winner for that drawing. This is the method used by the Sabah lotto, which leads to the buildup of some massive prizes. The greatest jackpot in the game history was a whopping RM 2.32 million, which is the same as RM 0.6 million.

This great jackpot was won on 2013, May 7th. The previous largest jackpot fell on 2009, July 19th. During that moment, one player walked home with a top prize pool of RM 2.04 million.
The winning odds of the jackpot are 1:8, 145, 060

Apart from the huge jackpot, there are other six extra prize tiers. The 2nd prize is offered to the players that manage to match a bonus number and five main numbers. A smaller prize is normally given out. That amount will be based on the tickets that are purchased in that drawing as well as the numbers of the players.

People that match five numbers end up winning 1,400. Matching a bonus number and four numbers will result in winning 250 SGD. The lowest price is given to the players that get three numbers right and the value will be 2 SGD.
Lotto drawings might take place on occasions, especially on holidays. Drawings made during special occasions are declared in advance and you should expect them to have more appealing conditions compared to the normal ones.

As we promised earlier, in this section we will provide the answer if one can buy their tickets online. If you are living in another country, you might be wondering you can be able to purchase your tickets online. Unfortunately, for the time being, you can’t be able to buy online. You need to be within Malaysia for you to get your ticket. Currently, online lottery companies don’t have an option that allows international players to purchase tickets online.


That’s it, we’ve come to the end of this Sabah88 4D. We strongly hope that you’ve learned everything about this great lottery and what you can do to participate. However, if you aren’t sure whether or not to place bets in this game, below are some of the reasons we believe you should give it a try:

  1. Sabah Lotto is an official game, which is operated by a national corporation
  2. Each week, there are three drawings
  3. The ticket price is negligible
  4. There is a lower assured jackpot
  5. If there lacks a winner for a specific drawing, that jackpot will be carried over to the coming one
  6. Apart from the main jackpot, there are other six extra prize tiers

Sabah 88 4D FAQs

What is the minimum age to play Sabah88 4D?
Sabah88 4D can only be played by punters who are at least 21 years old.

Where can I place 4D bets?

There are several places you can buy 4D tickets. However, you should check out one of Diriwan’s Corporation betting Outlets in the state of Sabah.

What’s the difference between small bets and big bets?

In Sabah88 4D, Big Bets involve placing bets to match against 23 sets of numbers. However, in small bets, you only need to match against 3 sets of numbers.

Will I be required to pay tax from my winnings?

Unfortunately, there is little information that winners can depend on when choosing their prizes. The condition of payment deadlines and terms will be personally acquired via phone. That is the only information that our team of experts managed to get. Another thing that we discovered is that a 15% income tax applies to all lottery winnings.

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