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Singapore Pools Overview

Singapore Pools runs Singapore Lottery under the authorization of the government and offers an extensive range of sports betting options including football and other highly popular lottery games.

The Singapore Pools are fully owned and managed by the Singapore Totalisator Board under the leadership of the Minister of Finance. The organization conducts more than 250 draws each year for lottery games.

Singapore pools offer a wide range of games including the 4d, Singapore Sweep, motor racing and football betting, and the highly popular Toto Singapore.

How To Place A 4D Bet In Singapore Pools

A Singapore pools account lets you place 4D bets online or by telephone.


You can place self-pick bets for iBet, System Entry, 4D roll, and Ordinary for draws conducted on Sunday, Saturday, and Wednesday.

Keep in mind that if you’re placing 4D bets online, then you can place the bet at any time except from around 6 pm to 6:10 pm on draws days as well as settlement hours. After the sales resume after the settlement, you’ll only be allowed to place your bet for the subsequent 4D draw.


Also, you can place 4D bets through the phone. You just have to call the lottery betting line (6212 0039) to place the Self Pick bets for System Entry, 4D Roll, and Ordinary for draws conducted on Sunday, Saturday, or Wednesday.
If you’ve chosen to place the 4D lottery bet through the phone, you’ll need to place the bet at anytime between 6:30 am and 6:00 PM.

4D Outlets

Finally, you can also place 4D lottery bets at any of the company’s outlets throughout Singapore. You just need to head to one of their outlets to place your Quick Pick bets or Self Pick bets for 4D Roll, System Entry, and Ordinary for draws conducted on Sunday, Saturday, or Wednesday or for 6 consecutive draws.

How To Win Singapore Pools 4D

Trust Your Instincts When Playing

Everyone has an inner voice, which tells us when something is good or bad or which path to follow. Although there is no scientific evidence to support that, adhering to the inner voice normally leads to great results. When playing Singapore pools, you can use that inner voice by going through the previous results.

There is a major difference between hoping for a great result and playing blindly and observing a set of past numbers until you feel that specific numbers have a better winning chance. There are many cases when players are directed by their 6th sense to a set of numbers, which can change their life instantly.

Evaluate The Latest Results With Your Friends

One thing that has always made many people go wrong while playing the Singapore pools is having a mentality of winnings and getting rich in one day. As a result, they end up taking matters too seriously, which shouldn’t be the case.

When you decide to play the 4D game, you should have one aim in mind, and that is playing for fun. 4D should be your favorite game to unwind when you get home after long hours at work to relax your mind and to have fun. To make this game even more enjoyable, you should invite your friends and evaluate the past results together. When you do this, chances are very high that you will come up with the winning numbers with a lot of ease.

There are many things that can happen when you come together with your friends to analyze the game. First and foremost, when socializing, you create a very strong bond and you will also end up getting the winning numbers. Singapore pools have improved the lives of very many people, as it offers a strong sense of socializing and a way of earning a life-changing amount.

Not only that, when you are outdoors with your friends discussing the game, you can also learn something that you never knew before to improve your life. When evaluating this game, you will never at any moment lose anything. You get a chance to create a good bond with your friends and come up with numbers that can give you a win at the same time.

4D Results Overview

4D is a popular game that is familiar to most people it has existed for decades. This type of game was launched so many years ago and it’s still enjoying a very high popularity. Compared to other games, this is the simplest to play.

A lottery is a form of gambling, whereby the winner is picked from a crowd of players. This game is not only played by gamblers online but has also been introduced to churches and colleges. Churches use it as a way of raising money to finish pending projects.

The government can use this game as well for raising money for important projects or a medical drive, which might require a lot of money. The government uses this method for raising money without hurting the common man.

As all you are aware, most of the government money comes from tax collection. So, if they have a huge project, which might require a lot of money, they might increase the taxes to enough funds to complete that project. However, this case will be different if the government decides to use the lottery to raise the money, as the prices of the commodities won’t be raised.


As 4D is a game that is both based on luck and strategies, you should consider following the steps that we have mentioned above. When comparing the past results of 4D you should consider applying math to come with a pattern of numbers that you think can win in the next draw. Apart from math, you can use trust your instincts when picking a set of numbers that you think can win. So, don’t always depend on luck when picking the winning set of numbers.

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